Margot Berkman | Kunst in de openbare ruimte
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Margot Berkman realizes artworks and art projects in the public domain, for museums and private collectors. Her studio is located in the historic trainstation Zandvoort aan Zee, Amsterdam Beach, the Netherlands.

Margot Berkman’s inspiration is the sea. She researches¬†the meaning of desire, the depth of the underwater world and collects findings during her daily beach walks (Catch of the Day on Instagram). After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in Japan, all the seaweed in that area died. Seaweed provides more than 54% of the oxygen in the air. Seaweeds and algae are the lungs of the world. She processes her research in all sorts of media: drawings, bronze objects and sculptures, but also in large scaled soft sculptures such as hanging spatial carpets.

Since 1996, Margot Berkman has been known for her poetic images. She realized more than 60 art projects in public area. In 2013 she commissioned the official King’s Fence for the King’s Linden Tree on the occasion of the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. Her clients include the NS, Prorail, RWS and municipalities such as Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Vianen, the Cobra Museum, Centraal Museum, Museum Lambert van Meerten, among others from 2000-2010 as artistic duo Berkman and Janssens.