Margot Berkman | Monotypes 2023
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Monotypes 2023

Margot Berkman’s stunning Monotype series encapsulates the ethereal beauty of coral reefs in a mesmerizing artistic display. Drawing inspiration from the ocean’s depths, Berkman’s intricate artworks delve into the mesmerizing world of corals, translating their vibrant hues and delicate intricacies onto handmade paper with a unique touch. Each Monotype unveils a poetic narrative, echoing the fragility and magnificence of these underwater ecosystems. Berkman’s profound connection with the sea is palpable in the details—capturing the essence of coral life and reflecting on its ecological significance. Through her deft use of the medium, be it through drawings or prints, Berkman not only showcases her artistic prowess but also advocates for the preservation of these vital marine habitats. The series serves as a visual ode to the intricate tapestry of life beneath the waves, inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty and urgency of protecting our oceans.


Another happy owner…
and then to Roo and Sainthill for the most beautiful picture frame


A publication of all the works of art from one year will be for sale from April 2024

All the works are together will be a model for a future exhibition. For more information and sale please contact