Margot Berkman | Orange the World en Whispering Seaweed 2023
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Orange the World en Whispering Seaweed 2023

Margot Berkman’s impactful artwork, ‘Whispering Seaweed,’ located on KeizerKarelplein in Amstelveen, serves as a poignant canvas for the ‘Orange the World’ campaign until December 10, 2023. In collaboration with the Municipality of Amstelveen, Berkman joins forces to advocate against violence towards women. The installation takes on a vibrant orange hue, symbolizing solidarity and support for the cause. Councilor Floor Gordon initiates the campaign, shedding light on ‘Whispering Seaweed’ and emphasizing the significance of raising awareness about this crucial issue. This fusion of art and advocacy underlines Margot Berkman’s commitment to addressing societal concerns through her evocative creations, making a powerful statement in the public domain.



All the works are together will be a model for a future exhibition. For more information and sale please contact