Margot Berkman | Catch of the Day Burgh Haamstede 2016
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Catch of the Day Burgh Haamstede 2016

Measurements: 3 m x 3 m


Algae lights the deep


People who live by the sea are often closer to nature. The weather shows herself in every way. The sea can be fierce and raging to smooth and calm. A lot of things wash up on the beach: wondrously shaped pieces of wood, pieces from boats, seaweeds like bladderwrack and sea lettuce, blue jellyfishes and small glass-like jellyfishes, pieces of fishnets, plastic forms and clams with barnacles. 


The commissioner  gave all the freedom for making an artwork for their dune villa. Seven oval shaped bronze objects in different sizes are attached to the wall by the entrance. At day the color refers to the azure of the sea, but at night there is a lightshow like the luminescent algae (lat. Noctiluca) light up in the underwaterworld.



private collection


bronze en led


Commissions, Drawings, Sculptures