Margot Berkman | Cobra Museum Wave of Breath 2020
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Cobra Museum Wave of Breath 2020

In the beginning there is the sea.
One day there is a first wave that sets everything in motion.
The algae take shape and wave with the water.
At times they oppose the waves.

From one form comes a new form, and another.
A diversity of forms emerges.
The sea begins to breathe for us and we breathe with the sea.

This is the world that inspires and nurtures Margot Berkman.
In Wave she takes us underwater, to a world both familiar and strange.
Like the sea her work displays reflection upon reflection: in sculptures, in drawings, in ink, paint, bronze and fabric.
For the wave brings deeper layers to the surface. Layers that can be only briefly exposed to sunlight and can only be held fast in another form.
And then the wave plunges down, and the making begins again.

                                                                                                                Katja Rodenburg – Curator



Wave of Breath

11 March 2011 – Fukushima Japan

August 2020 – Whispering Seaweed Amstelveen

We owe our existence to the breathing waves; we have to take good care of what gave us life.

With the sculpture group Whispering Seaweed, Margot Berkman takes us below the surface, to a world that is both familiar and unfamiliar. Like the sea, her work shows one reflection after another: in sculptures, in drawings, in ink, paint, bronze and textiles.

This film marks the unveiling of the sculpture group Whispering Seaweed in public space and the opening of the exhibition Wave of Breath in the Cobra Museum, in which curator Katja Rodenburg presents a selection of the artist’s versatile work.


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