Margot Berkman | De Moor, de Dame en haar Hondje © Berkman en Janssens 2005 Amsterdam
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De Moor, de Dame en haar Hondje © Berkman en Janssens 2005 Amsterdam

Measurements: 40 m x 4 m


The Golden Age in Amsterdam

The artist duo Berkman and Janssens were commissioned to decorate the entrance of the ProRail building on the Ruyterkade in Amsterdam to make it recognizable. ‘We have researched the history of this place, the function of the former river IJ and the art treasures that came ashore in 16th and 17th century. Objects of silver, gold and ceramics from all over the world to Amsterdam. Forms of great decorative beauty. That was the starting point for the design,’ said Berkman. ‘De Moor, de Dame en haar Hondje (The Moor, the Lady and her Dog)’ is lit from the floor at night. In addition to an increase in the sense of social security, this also creates a fairytale appearance.


Artworks by Margot Berkman are often located at places where people go through, pass and continue. The artworks create space, ‘as if you were looking through a peephole and coming up with your own story, the idea of a different world, a fairytale world.’


Dutch Railways


ProRail-building, De Ruijterkade, Amsterdam


steel and led


Commissions, Public Area, Sculptures