Margot Berkman | Elisabeth van Thüringen Fund Exhibition 2018
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Elisabeth van Thüringen Fund Exhibition 2018

measurements: 3 m x 3 m x 3 m



Breathe with the Ocean


A nature of form that takes you to different thoughts

I wanted to create a contemplative world in the 20 meter high church.

A world in which your eyes feel the warmth of the wool on your skin.

The lines of the branches play in the church-light.

Your hands can change the color of the light, to reinforce the image you want to see

In your favorite color

Algae and seaweeds give the world oxygen, much more than the rainforests.

Do you know someone to whom I can add oxygen?


Exhibition ‘Art from Care’ about healing art in Dutch hospitals






Elisabeth van Thürigen Fund


Noord-Hollands Archive, Haarlem, the Netherlands


Commissions, Drawings, Exhibitions, Film/Photo, Public Area, Sculptures