Margot Berkman | The Kings’ Fence around the Kings Tree 2011-2019
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The Kings’ Fence around the Kings Tree 2011-2019

Secret assignment for the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander in 2013


In honor of this, a King’s Tree was planted in each of the 408 Dutch communities. This was an initiative of the foundation:‘Nationale Boomfeestdag’ and the ‘Oranjebond’. Margot Berkman was given the secret assignment to design and realize a finely decorated fence for the Royal Family in 2011.

King Willem-Alexander planted on April 23, 2013 in the presence of mayor J.J. van Aartsen the first Royal tree in the Transvaal district park in The Hague. He was assisted by a number of children from group 6 of the Comenius school in that district.


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Oranjebond en Boomfeestdag i.o.m. Paleis Noordeinde




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