Margot Berkman | Masterpiece © Berkman en Janssens 2009 de Bilt
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Masterpiece © Berkman en Janssens 2009 de Bilt

Measurement: 120 m2


The transience of things: Memento Mori


This design of Berkman en Janssens is inspired by the craftsmanship and projects of the painting company of Johan van Doorn and by the meaning of the Daffodil in the flower still life paintings from the 16th century. The artwork ‘Masterpiece’ consists of 3 large floor-paintings with daffodils and poppies. In a grid of sleek white lines, the virtuoso forms of the flowers can be seen in full bloom and in the bud.


Joh. van Doorn


Bilthoven, the Netherlands


epoxy floor paint


Commissions, Drawings

art, design, kunst in openbare ruimte, public, ruimte, tunnel