Margot Berkman | Sisters in Paradise ©Berkman en Janssens fietstunnel Utrecht 2003
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Sisters in Paradise ©Berkman en Janssens fietstunnel Utrecht 2003

Measurements: 400 m2 decorated tiles, 200 m2 paint on pillars of the bridge


Inspiration from tile remains from the former Mariëndal monastery, or Maria ten Dael,


Commissioned by the city of Utrecht, the Utrecht artist duo Berkman and Janssens designed a beautiful artwork with the title  ‘Sisters in Paradise’. It is located on both banks of the river Vecht under the bridge over the Marnixlaan. The pillars of the bridge and the ceiling are renovated and painted. Cyclists and hikers now pass a cheerful scene with animals, surrounded by tiles with medieval motifs.


The images  are inspired by the surrounding neighbourhood and its history. The animals were once or can still be found on the banks of the river. The floral motifs on the tiles come from images found on tile remnants from the former monastery Mariëndal, or Maria ten Dael, which stood in the vicinity of the Marnix Bridge.


Berkman and Janssens designed this artwork. They are specialized in art in public space. The tiles are made of durable material, easy to maintain and have a nice appearance.


City of Utrecht


Vechtoever, Marnixbrug Utrecht


ceramic tiles



Commissions, Drawings, Public Area, Sculptures

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