Margot Berkman | Exhibition Lungs of the Sea Vishal 2016
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Exhibition Lungs of the Sea Vishal 2016

LUNGS OF THE SEA   OMNIS VITAE EX MARE      What gives air and what takes your breath away?


Because seaweed and algues provide more than half of the oxygen in the world, they are essential for our excistense. That knowledge gives Margot Berkman inspiration for her artworks. Seaweed is also the source of inspiration for the ‘Sealung’- mobiles that she made for this exhibition. Soft-sculptures that breath freely in the space. 


The fascination for the sea and oxygen are also the base of the artworks that surrounded the ‘Sealung’-mobiles.


In the work ‘Icarus’ by Stefano Baroni fragile bodies that are based on the mythological images from for example Pompei dissolving in the sea. Marina Visic showed with ‘Magla’ thousands of colored threads an unlikely soft landscape where air and space have a leading role. You were free to listen to ‘Zomersprookjes’ by Bruno Doedens/SLeM in the middle of the exhibition.


Thanks to: Kees van Twist, Annelien Kers, John Petri, het Spaarne Gasthuis, Anja Frenkel, Fine Arts Magazine Tableau, Agnes van Dijk, Hortimare, Ronald Brakel en Sylvia Dornseiffer.




exhibition space the Vishal, Haarlem (NL)


Commissions, Drawings, Exhibitions, Sculptures