Margot Berkman | De Dames en de Muze ┬ęBerkman en Janssens Bos en Lommer 2003
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De Dames en de Muze ┬ęBerkman en Janssens Bos en Lommer 2003

Measurements: 500 m2


A paradise beneath highway A10 in Amsterdam


The artwork ‘De Dames en de Muze’ by Berkman en Janssens connects two neighbourhoods in Amsterdam-West. In the pedestrian- and cyclist tunnel under highway A10, on the Leeuwendalersweg in Amsterdam, thousands of blue and golden sparrows surrounds fairytale bright green tile tableau. The paintings on the pillars of the tunnel were inspired by historical Amsterdam that also refers to Eastern cultures.


Berkman and Janssens gave art classes to children and women at various schools in the neighbourhood, about how they design and realize art for public area. Exhibitions of the results were organized at the Stadskantoor Amsterdam West and at the primary school at Leeuwendalersweg. De Bos en Lommerschool has received a large tile tableau from the artists.




City of Amsterdam


Tunnel onder Ring A10, Leeuwendalersweg, Amsterdam


ceramic tiles, paint




Commissions, Drawings, Public Area, Sculptures

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