Margot Berkman | De Dames en het kleine Hondje ┬ęBerkman en Janssens 2004
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De Dames en het kleine Hondje ┬ęBerkman en Janssens 2004

Ten thousand hand-decorated ceramic tiles specially made for the Betuweroute


The artwork designed by Berkman en Janssens is inspired by the history and discoveries from the neighborhood of the new tunnel. The greyhound dogs come from the coat of arms, there are old tile motifs from the mill and floral elements from the landscape.


This artwork is the result of the ‘Master plan for train crossings in urban area‘, written by Berkman and Janssens, commissioned by the Betuweroute – ProRail Project Organization. There are 7 works of art like this, where art classes were given in every city to involve the neighborhood and residents in their own public area.





Prorail, Projectorganisatie Betuweroute


Molenweg, Heerjansdam


ceramic tiles




Commissions, Drawings, Public Area, Sculptures

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