Margot Berkman | Sitting in Blue ©Berkman en Janssens tunnel Rietveldhuis Utrecht 2000
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Sitting in Blue ©Berkman en Janssens tunnel Rietveldhuis Utrecht 2000

The treasures in the chairs of Rietveld …


In 1999, the municipality of Utrecht commissioned Berkman and Janssens, with the permission of the heirs of Gerrit Rietveld and in cooperation with the Ida van Zijl, the Rietveld curator of the Centraal Museum for their design of the tunnel as an external interior.


In the archives of the Centraal Museum they researched the original Rietveld chair designs. The result was a series of sketches and paintings. The research into compositions / surface divisions of the Rietveld Schröder House yielded a wall-filling composition in the real colors used by Rietveld: light gray, dark gray, red, white and blue.


In 2000 the Rietveld Schröder House was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The house is currently under management at the Centraal Museum. This museum provides guided tours of the building and also has an extensive collection of furniture designed by Rietveld, some of which (including the famous red-blue chair) can also be seen in the Rietveld Schröder House.




City of Utrecht


Next to the Rietveld - Schröder House Utrecht


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