Margot Berkman | One Thousand and one Nights ©Berkman en Janssens Amsterdam 2005
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One Thousand and one Nights ©Berkman en Janssens Amsterdam 2005

Measurements:  the entire interior


Scheherezade in the Kring


For the Lustrum of the Thousand and One Night, the artists’ society De Kring in Amsterdam was completely transformed by Berkman en Janssens into a magical and exotic environment. All performances and parties took place in the structure of Arabian Nights. The light design was specially manufactured by DreLight (eg from Peter Greenaway)


There was an exhibition in the restaurant with collages and mobiles of shoes.




Artist society de Kring Amsterdam




Kring Circulaire


Commissions, Drawings, Exhibitions, Film/Photo, Public Area, Sculptures

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