Margot Berkman | Fucus Vesiculosus Bar 2011
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Fucus Vesiculosus Bar 2011

Measurements: 6,3 m x 1,5 m


On 11 March 2011, the nuclear disaster in Fukushima took place. All life in the nearby sea died.


When I walk along the North Sea beach I often find ‘Fucus Vesiculosus’ (bladderwrack). Because of the bladders, the algae keeps upright when it is under water. Breathtaking shapes in all sorts of sizes. The symbolic meaning, shape and transparency is a source of inspiration for cut out and painted studies.


The corten steel is rusted, colored from deep brown to bright orange with shapes of bladderwrack and air bubbles that are laser cut out of the steel. In the evening, the algae and the air bubbles light up through the LED lighting behind. On the wall you can see the algae.



Sailing Club Zandvoort( WVZ ), the Netherlands


Amsterdam Beach


cortensteel, led, wood


Commissions, Public Area, Sculptures