Margot Berkman | De Liefdesbrief © Berkman en Janssens 2007 Delft
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De Liefdesbrief © Berkman en Janssens 2007 Delft

The city entrance of Delft near A13 and IKEA has acquired a poetic identity with this artwork of Berkman en Janssens.



In the public space an assembly of different elements can be seen with an area of ​​5000 m2. The artwork consists of 10 shiny white steel sculptures (h = 2,5m), black and white checkered natural stone embankments and 24 decorated pillars and lighting. Artists duo Berkman and Janssens designed and realized more than 30 artworks for public area from 1996-2010.


Sources of inspiration: the paintings by Johannes Vermeer, ‘the Love Letter’ from the Rijksmuseum, historic Delft blue tiles and the ‘la Dame a la Licorne’ carpet series from Museé de Cluny in Paris. The warm color red, which symbolizes love and the suggestive perspective from Vermeer’s work can be found in the painted pillars under the highway. The white sculptures are inspired by the animals on the carpet series ‘La Dame a la Licorne’ and 17th-century Delft blue tiles.


The artwork was unveiled on 20 September 2007 by Lian Merkx,  Anders Westney (director IKEA), and Folkert Post (chief engineer-director Rijkswaterstaat Zuid-Holland)



City of Delft


Oosterpoortweg, near highway A13, exit Delft, the Netherlands


Article K.I.P.


Commissions, Public Area, Sculptures