Margot Berkman | Under the Magnolia Tree 2013
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Under the Magnolia Tree 2013

Measurements: 20 m x 6 m


The magnolia tree provides eternal spring
The source of inspiration for this poetic sculpture are the stories from the old care center Huize Transwijk in Utrecht, the Netherlands, which used to stand on the spot of the new residential building. The sculpture gives the idea of ​​recognition and memory, in the perspective of time. There used to be an old magnolia tree in the garden of Huize Transwijk. 


Magnolias symbolize eternal spring, where time passes without any noticeable changes. Two hunting dogs are faithfully waiting for it. The symbol of the magnolia tree also represents the ongoing transition from old to new. From young to old.


In Utrecht and surroundings Margot Berkman is known for large art commissions in the public space she made with artist-duo Berkman en Janssens. Cycling you recognize her clear handwriting in the tunnels of the Berekuil with thousands of tiles with bears, in the decorated walls of the tunnel at the Rietveld House and the Archimedeslaan, in the bench in Leidsche Rijn that formed the farewell gift for former mayor Annie Brouwer-Korf. In 2012 she was solo commissioned for  the monument to the throne, a king’s tree for King Willem Alexander, in the Máxima park.




Bo-Ex, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Park Transwijk, Utrecht, the Netherlands


steel and LED


Commissions, Drawings, Public Area, Sculptures

art, dieren, health, kunst, kunst in openbare ruimte, natuur, opdracht, witte beelden