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Elisabeth van Thüringen Fund Exhibition 2018

measurements: 3 m x 3 m x 3 m



Breathe with the Ocean


A nature of form that takes you to different thoughts

I wanted to create a contemplative world in the 20 meter high church.

A world in which your eyes feel the warmth of the wool on your skin.

The lines of the branches play in the church-light.

Your hands can change the color of the light, to reinforce the image you want to see

In your favorite color

Algae and seaweeds give the world oxygen, much more than the rainforests.

Do you know someone to whom I can add oxygen?


Exhibition ‘Art from Care’ about healing art in Dutch hospitals





Aphrodites Garden train station NS Zandvoort 2011

Measurements: 120 m2


On the platform you look in the garden of Aphrodite


I consider the kiosk at train station Zandvoort as a sea-aquarium, where the underwaterworld full of mythological animals becomes visible. I am inspired by the collection of 16th and 17th century books from the library of the Teylers Museum in Haarlem, in which strange sea creatures are described and drawn, including the Metamorphoses of Ovidius. 

Together with my finds of algae on the beach, I turned it all into large drawings. “Venus swims with a mirror to the Sea-Unicorn, Neptunus joins the Sea Elephant and it seems that the Seadeer is very happy in the proximity of Lady Fortuna.



Film The Ocean Breathes Sealight 2018

Watch the film …..


Film about the 15 m long interactive light-artwork, Oncology Centre, Spaarne Gasthuis inHoofddorp, the Netherlands.

Sealight III 2018

Providing Oxygen…


Seaweed and algues provide more oxygen in the world than the rainforests. Margot Berkman brings attention to the big kelp forests with seaweed I. 

Ignis Fatuus Apeldoorn (NL) 2016

7 statues: 3,30 m x 1 m x 1 m


Nietzsche would no doubt argue that an encounter with the ignis fatuus is inescapable in the course of attempts at human self-realization.


The inspiration for the statues was the local saga about a horseman, in which the rider in the forest of Apeldoorn was misled by a wandering light. The ‘Ignis Fatuus’ is used as a statue for transformation in the visual art like, Anselm Kiefer, Louise Bourgeois, Vincent van Gogh, Willem Elsschot en Goethe. The statues from Margot Berkman are solidified memories from the good light. They show you the way. 


Philosopher and curator Karja Rodenbrug curated the exhibition  ‘Wandering further, wandering light, about Ignis Fatuus and Orpheus.’  


Catch of the Day Burgh Haamstede 2016

Measurements: 3 m x 3 m


Algae lights the deep


People who live by the sea are often closer to nature. The weather shows herself in every way. The sea can be fierce and raging to smooth and calm. A lot of things wash up on the beach: wondrously shaped pieces of wood, pieces from boats, seaweeds like bladderwrack and sea lettuce, blue jellyfishes and small glass-like jellyfishes, pieces of fishnets, plastic forms and clams with barnacles. 


The commissioner  gave all the freedom for making an artwork for their dune villa. Seven oval shaped bronze objects in different sizes are attached to the wall by the entrance. At day the color refers to the azure of the sea, but at night there is a lightshow like the luminescent algae (lat. Noctiluca) light up in the underwaterworld.


Exhibition Hospital Amsterdam Medical Centre 2018

A deep sea experience of algues made out of wool and silver, drawings and bronze objects. 


With this exhibition in AMC, Margot shows large and small sculptures. Some of them are made out of more than thousand pieces of wool that are spun with algues. Her inspiration comes from the sea and the oxygen that seaweed and algues provide for the world. They are the lungs of the sea.


Margot Berkman creates awareness for a healthy ocean. Since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima on the 11th of March 2011, there are no seaweeds left around this place.

Exhibition Lungs of the Sea Vishal 2016

LUNGS OF THE SEA   OMNIS VITAE EX MARE      What gives air and what takes your breath away?


Because seaweed and algues provide more than half of the oxygen in the world, they are essential for our excistense. That knowledge gives Margot Berkman inspiration for her artworks. Seaweed is also the source of inspiration for the ‘Sealung’- mobiles that she made for this exhibition. Soft-sculptures that breath freely in the space. 


The fascination for the sea and oxygen are also the base of the artworks that surrounded the ‘Sealung’-mobiles.


In the work ‘Icarus’ by Stefano Baroni fragile bodies that are based on the mythological images from for example Pompei dissolving in the sea. Marina Visic showed with ‘Magla’ thousands of colored threads an unlikely soft landscape where air and space have a leading role. You were free to listen to ‘Zomersprookjes’ by Bruno Doedens/SLeM in the middle of the exhibition.


Thanks to: Kees van Twist, Annelien Kers, John Petri, het Spaarne Gasthuis, Anja Frenkel, Fine Arts Magazine Tableau, Agnes van Dijk, Hortimare, Ronald Brakel en Sylvia Dornseiffer.



Fluitend door de Kerksteeg Zandvoort 2010

Measurements: 20 m x 2,5 m


Whistling with blue and golden sparrows..


The community of Zandvoort has commissioned Margot Berkman for a ceramic tile artwork in the Kerksteeg. Tiles with this motif of the blue and golden sparrows can also be seen in the artwork ‘De Dame en de Muse’, designed by Berkman and Janssens in Bos en Lommer in Amsterdam ‘.

artworks of Berkman en Janssens – archive 1997-2010


Berkman en Janssens realized more than 30 large art commissions for public area from 1997 until 2010. Margot Berkman continued working solo.


Commissioners (a selection):

Prorail en projectorganisatie Betuweroute, Stadsdeel bos en Lommer, RET Rotterdam, Gemeente Utrecht, Gemeente Zandvoort, Daniëlle Lokin, Directeur gemeentemusea Delft, NS Vastgoed, IKEA Holding, Woningbouwvereniging Rochdale Amsterdam, Gemeente Vianen, Rijkswaterstraat, Prorail, GZH, Gemeente Delft, Provincie Utrecht, Provincie Noord Holland, Schildersbedrijf Joh. Van Doorn de Bilt bv, De Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Burgemeester Annie Brouwer-Korf, gemeente Amsterdam


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