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Exhibition Lungs of the Sea Vishal 2016

LUNGS OF THE SEA   OMNIS VITAE EX MARE      What gives air and what takes your breath away?


Because seaweed and algues provide more than half of the oxygen in the world, they are essential for our excistense. That knowledge gives Margot Berkman inspiration for her artworks. Seaweed is also the source of inspiration for the ‘Sealung’- mobiles that she made for this exhibition. Soft-sculptures that breath freely in the space. 


The fascination for the sea and oxygen are also the base of the artworks that surrounded the ‘Sealung’-mobiles.


In the work ‘Icarus’ by Stefano Baroni fragile bodies that are based on the mythological images from for example Pompei dissolving in the sea. Marina Visic showed with ‘Magla’ thousands of colored threads an unlikely soft landscape where air and space have a leading role. You were free to listen to ‘Zomersprookjes’ by Bruno Doedens/SLeM in the middle of the exhibition.


Thanks to: Kees van Twist, Annelien Kers, John Petri, het Spaarne Gasthuis, Anja Frenkel, Fine Arts Magazine Tableau, Agnes van Dijk, Hortimare, Ronald Brakel en Sylvia Dornseiffer.



Eurydice Wandering Further, Wandering Light 2016

The exhibition, ‘Eurydice, Wandering Further, Wandering Light’ connects the drawings of Margot Berkman with her sculptures of Eurydice and Orpheus.


According to the stories he sings so beautifully and lovingly that all of nature, the animals, the trees, the water and the sea move along with the sounds of his harp. But when he tries to take his beloved back from the underworld with this magical power, things go wrong. He roams the world without her.


In cooperation with philosopher Katja Rodenbrug.

Sea-glove blue Picking Flowers on the Beach 2014

Measurements: 3,5 m x 1,4 m


‘Picking Flowers on the Beach’ 


The serie of softsculptures comes from the need to process my seaweed finds in drawings and collages. The materials and colors refer tot the beauty of the underwater-world. 


Salone de Mobile Milaan Yearbook Textiellab 2012


‘Washed ashore’ serie in Yearbook 2012 Textiellab Salone di Mobile Milaan.


Errol van de Werdt from the Textile Museum in Tilburg presented the first copy of Yearbook TextielLab 2012 during the Salone di Mobile in Milan. (Design: Raw Color)


‘Washed ashore’, the soft-sculpture seaweedseries by Margot Berkman is part of this presentation. The Yearbook presents the most striking textile art / fashion / architecture / projects that were produced in the past year.


Artists: BOZAR architecture, Kiki van Eijk, Thonik, Bernotat & Co, Schiphol Real estate, Apto, Studio Samira Boon. Karin van Dam, Q8 HQ benelux, D&Z Architecten, Sara Vrught, Margot Berkman, Walter van den Beirendonk, Marga Weimans, LEW, Masterclass Jan Taminiau, Selina van Grondelle, Linda Valkeman, Ursula Wagner, Niels Heijmans, Emilie Pallard, BCXSY, Lenneke Langenhuijsen, Martijn van Strien, Colette Vermeulen, Satoki Kuwano, Lola Barré, Chrissie Houtkoper, Sabine Staartjes, Mohammed Barach, Ton van der Borcht, Dagmara Stephan, Conny Groenewegen , Aya Nonogaki, Pierre Antoine Vettorello, ea…


Seaweed I 2013

Afmeting: 1,5 m x 1,5 m


Ik pluk bloemen op het strand (catch of the day)


De serie zeewierkleden is gebaseerd op vondsten en tekeningen van mijn dagelijkse wandelingen langs het strand.

Seaweed weaving 2014

Measurements: 0,5 m tot 1,5 m


I am picking flowers on the beach, my catch of the day..

‘Sea-weed weaving’ is a continuous research on form, color, texture and material, which started in 2011. My source of inspiration is seaweed which I find along the beach. I experiment with threads that are made out of algae and glow in the dark. This artwork was realized in collaboration with the Textiellab Tilburg.


Sealight IV in Ensemble Vishal 2018

Measurements: 3 m x 3 m


‘Bien étonnés de se trouver Ensemble’ 


The artworks of 25 artists is brought together by director Annette de Vries. 





Royal Damask 2013

Having dinner with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maximá – Royal Damask 2013

The table linen ‘Koningsdamast’ was made on the occasion of the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander in 2013. Together with a beautifully hand-crafted book, it was presented to the royal couple during an intimate reception at the Cobra Museum on King’s Day in Amstelveen.


A limited edition was sold at the Textile Museum Tilburg. The book ‘Koningsdamast’ has been added to the Royal Library in the Hague. For more information please contact me through


‘I feel very honored with this assignment. I love working in a tradition and I like to inspire me for my monumental art commissions by museum collections as a source of knowledge and history. In the TextielMuseum I have woven this royal shiny white linen with the skilled craftsmen of the TextielLab ‘.

The motifs of the orange tree, the crown and the scepter, which I used earlier in the design of the decorative fence for the Royal tree, form the basis for the design of the royal damask. Dining is about being together, making connections, about good conversations in a relaxed atmosphere and about socializing. About the King and the Queen together. I have searched for the connecting motive to represent the influence, love and passion of Queen Máxima. For me, that is the sun: as a symbol from the arms of Argentina, but especially because her strong personality radiates warmth and passion. Without sun, the blossom does not grow. Together with King Willem-Alexander she gives our country a new and powerful shine. I hope that the linen Royal Damask will radiate that “.