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One Thousand and one Nights ©Berkman en Janssens Amsterdam 2005

Measurements:  the entire interior


Scheherezade in the Kring


For the Lustrum of the Thousand and One Night, the artists’ society De Kring in Amsterdam was completely transformed by Berkman en Janssens into a magical and exotic environment. All performances and parties took place in the structure of Arabian Nights. The light design was specially manufactured by DreLight (eg from Peter Greenaway)


There was an exhibition in the restaurant with collages and mobiles of shoes.



The Ocean Breathes Sealight 2018

Measurements: 15 m x 3 m x 3 m.


Interactive light artwork in the Oncology Centre of the Spaarne Gasthuis in Hoofddorp


A hanging sculpture with the name ‘The Ocean Breathes – Sealight’ is placed in the entrance. 


Visitors of the Oncology Centre are free to change the color of the lights like luminescent, floating seaweeds. This gives the artwork a meditative quality. The branch-like form is spread in the open space of the vide, so you are able to admire it from every floor.


Elisabeth van Thüringen Fund Exhibition 2018

measurements: 3 m x 3 m x 3 m



Breathe with the Ocean


A nature of form that takes you to different thoughts

I wanted to create a contemplative world in the 20 meter high church.

A world in which your eyes feel the warmth of the wool on your skin.

The lines of the branches play in the church-light.

Your hands can change the color of the light, to reinforce the image you want to see

In your favorite color

Algae and seaweeds give the world oxygen, much more than the rainforests.

Do you know someone to whom I can add oxygen?


Exhibition ‘Art from Care’ about healing art in Dutch hospitals





The Ocean Breathes The Mermaids Foam 2018

Measurements: 2,5 m x 1,5 m (ensemble of 10 m x 10 m)


Feel the foam of the mermaid


‘The Mermaids Foam’ consists of a varying number of objects.


Foam of floating algue is the source of inspiration. The ocean breathes.





Film The Ocean Breathes Sealight 2018

Watch the film …..


Film about the 15 m long interactive light-artwork, Oncology Centre, Spaarne Gasthuis inHoofddorp, the Netherlands.

Ignis Fatuus Apeldoorn (NL) 2016

7 statues: 3,30 m x 1 m x 1 m


Nietzsche would no doubt argue that an encounter with the ignis fatuus is inescapable in the course of attempts at human self-realization.


The inspiration for the statues was the local saga about a horseman, in which the rider in the forest of Apeldoorn was misled by a wandering light. The ‘Ignis Fatuus’ is used as a statue for transformation in the visual art like, Anselm Kiefer, Louise Bourgeois, Vincent van Gogh, Willem Elsschot en Goethe. The statues from Margot Berkman are solidified memories from the good light. They show you the way. 


Philosopher and curator Karja Rodenbrug curated the exhibition  ‘Wandering further, wandering light, about Ignis Fatuus and Orpheus.’  


Sea-glove blue Picking Flowers on the Beach 2014

Measurements: 3,5 m x 1,4 m


‘Picking Flowers on the Beach’ 


The serie of softsculptures comes from the need to process my seaweed finds in drawings and collages. The materials and colors refer tot the beauty of the underwater-world. 


Salone de Mobile Milaan Yearbook Textiellab 2012


‘Washed ashore’ serie in Yearbook 2012 Textiellab Salone di Mobile Milaan.


Errol van de Werdt from the Textile Museum in Tilburg presented the first copy of Yearbook TextielLab 2012 during the Salone di Mobile in Milan. (Design: Raw Color)


‘Washed ashore’, the soft-sculpture seaweedseries by Margot Berkman is part of this presentation. The Yearbook presents the most striking textile art / fashion / architecture / projects that were produced in the past year.


Artists: BOZAR architecture, Kiki van Eijk, Thonik, Bernotat & Co, Schiphol Real estate, Apto, Studio Samira Boon. Karin van Dam, Q8 HQ benelux, D&Z Architecten, Sara Vrught, Margot Berkman, Walter van den Beirendonk, Marga Weimans, LEW, Masterclass Jan Taminiau, Selina van Grondelle, Linda Valkeman, Ursula Wagner, Niels Heijmans, Emilie Pallard, BCXSY, Lenneke Langenhuijsen, Martijn van Strien, Colette Vermeulen, Satoki Kuwano, Lola Barré, Chrissie Houtkoper, Sabine Staartjes, Mohammed Barach, Ton van der Borcht, Dagmara Stephan, Conny Groenewegen , Aya Nonogaki, Pierre Antoine Vettorello, ea…


Seaweed I 2013

Afmeting: 1,5 m x 1,5 m


Ik pluk bloemen op het strand (catch of the day)


De serie zeewierkleden is gebaseerd op vondsten en tekeningen van mijn dagelijkse wandelingen langs het strand.

Seaweed weaving 2014

Measurements: 0,5 m tot 1,5 m


I am picking flowers on the beach, my catch of the day..

‘Sea-weed weaving’ is a continuous research on form, color, texture and material, which started in 2011. My source of inspiration is seaweed which I find along the beach. I experiment with threads that are made out of algae and glow in the dark. This artwork was realized in collaboration with the Textiellab Tilburg.